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Services cater to entrepreneurs, start ups, small and medium sized businesses, artists and other creative individuals.

Business & Artists Coaching

One on one sessions helping clients to increase their profits and improve their quality of life by educating them and guiding them through a process that increases thier sales and cuts cost.  Equipping clients with the information and confidence they need to correct business issues and make drastic improvements providing a return on their investment.


Walking clients through detailed business plans & strategy.


Public Relations &

PR Campaigns, Press Release writing and distribution.

Business & Artists Consulting

Business Analyst & Financial Analyst work.  Strategy, Development and Branding Workshops.  Plan creation including Business Plan, Break-even Plan, Revenue &Profit Budget, Cash Gap Plan, Tactical Marketing Plan, Sales Management System, Organizational Plan, Team Building Systems and more.

Event, Concert & Tour Planning

Full service including budgeting & profit forcast, venue & talent contracts, advertising & marketing, PR solutions, logistics, sponsorship and more.


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