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Jamie Bowman Gives a Gift of Time And Hope On Her Birthday

Jamie Bowman aka The Promotress with The Black Doll Affair organization

Atlanta, GA, November 2016 - Jamie “The Promotress” Bowman, a popular and well respected business coach in her generation celebrated her birthday on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 with The Black Dolls Affair at a vacant lot on Pine and Courtland Streets in Atlanta, GA. The kindhearted coach shares a gift of her time to many homeless families by serving them with pizzas. The homeless people also received toys and toiletries from various members of The Black Dolls organization.

Together with the National Charity Group The Black Dolls Affair, Jamie enjoys her birthday doing community service. The very down to earth person implied, “God has truly blessed me, and I wanted to pass the blessing on.” Moreover, the very passionate Black Doll Affair Organization also showed their concern and love for their fellowmen. The Black Dolls have been featured throughout the country and received the Presidential Service Award from President Obama for their exemplary community service.

Definitely, Jamie Bowman together with the Black Doll Affair Organization had awaken the spirit of many people to further help and cooperate in serving the less fortunate and homeless people in Atlanta, GA in their own simple ways.

“This is definitely one of my most memorable birthdays. I hope to continue to come here to help the new friends I made”, Jamie Bowman added. Jamie Bowman and The Black Doll Affair said that they engaged with their new friends and listened to their voice. Others ignored them when they asked for help, but they offered them encouragement and kindness. “I must say that I was overwhelmed by what I saw. You see, I’ve been living in Atlanta 24 years and I’ve never been to the intersection of Pine and Courtland Streets. My heart goes out to everyone I saw and had an opportunity to interact with. God bless them.” – Black Doll Affair member.

Despite the success in her career, Jamie Bowman still takes time to share her blessings to other people especially the poor ones. Truly, she can be considered as an icon of inspiration for many people especially for the youth.

For further information about the passionate volunteers Jamie “The Promotress” Bowman and The Black Doll Affair, you can visit these sites and

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