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About The Promotress

Jamie "The Promotress" Bowman gets things done, makes things happen, and connects the dots. She knows what’s important and promotes it perfectly—YOU!


Jamie is a groundbreaking negotiator and history-maker, securing major endorsements for numerous celebrities, and successfully promoting innovators and voices with a range of talents. She even secured a deal that resulted in the first African American man to have his own signature flat iron!


Jamie was dubbed “The Promotress” by industry insiders that see her work magic for her clients. She graduated from Temple University with 2 degrees, and has acted as Senior Business Analyst for major Fortune 500’s.


Jamie’s promotional career began while working for an entertainment company, putting together nationwide concerts with major headliners. She learned quickly to stay on her toes and think ahead of the curve, as she was responsible for a wide range of tasks, including budgets and marketing plans. When she realized her great talent and potential, Jamie went on to build Y. S. Entertainment, booking concerts and clients around the globe in venues ranging from 500 to 20,000 fans!


Jamie works successfully with big names on a regular basis. While working for an independent recording label Jamie was able to work on a project with hip hop industry advocate Wendy Day. Day was rated one of the 30 most powerful people in the music industry. Jamie’s work with Day inspired her love of independent artists, and Jamie now also works to build a strong base for indie artists—getting them the exposure they need and the deals and fans they crave.


Jamie currently serves as a premier business coach helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals achieve their goals. She does not only motivate her clients, she keeps them on their toes, helping them to stay ahead of the trends, challenging them in every way possible.  Jamie helps build a solid foundation for her clients and helps establish the plans they need to succeed.  To date she has increased her clients profits by at least 68% per year, secured over $60,000 in sponsorship dollars, solved business problems and has created numerous opportunities including endorsement deals, product deals and contracts.


In addition to her contributions to her clients Jamie continuously donates to entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists, giving them the capital they need to fund their endeavors.  She also performs pro bono work for individuals who display a strong passion and work ethic but need guidance creating business plans, budgets and financial analysis work to obtain investors.  Jamie also organizes events to aid numerous charities and causes including the MJ Tribute concert that benefited children with blood disorders and a clothing/supplies drive in Kingston, Jamaica where she personally flew recording artists into the city to help her support the community.


Jamie knows the industry inside out and upside down, regularly working hand-in-hand with top executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities. Her passion is business coaching—she enjoys helping people, knowing people, spreading the wealth, spreading the smiles, and giving back to the community.  She already has what seems like a lifetime of experience behind her, and still she feels like this is just the beginning!

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